How to apply

The application requirements for the NYU Migration Network Graduate Student Award for Summer Research on Migration are as follows:


1. Project Description

  • 1500 words or less.
  • The project description should identify the specific research question or artistic provocation. It should make explicit how the central question/provocation connects to issues of migration and mobility, and should explain why it is significant and innovative.  
  • The proposal should describe the research/artistic activity planned or why it will address the central question/provocation. 
  • Please highlight any comparative dimensions of your proposed research.
  • The proposal should briefly outline the anticipated research product: a research paper, design document, performance piece, or preliminary research to support larger research endeavors (such as a dissertation) are examples. 
  • Important note: Applications must be written for a general, interdisciplinary audience; when field-specific technical terms or concepts are necessary, please take care to provide definitions or explanations.
  • Project abstract of 150 words.

2. Budget Narrative

  • 250 words or less.
  • Budget narrative explaining how the applicant plans to use the funds in the award. Please also indicate other sources of support (other funding may include assistantships, GSAS Student Travel Grants, external grants, etc.).

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

4. NYU Transcript

  • Unofficial transcripts can be viewed and printed from Albert. Navigate to the “My Academics” section of the Student Center to generate. Select “View my unofficial transcript” from the dropdown bar and be sure your popup blocker is turned off in your browser.

5. One Letter of Reference

  • The letter must be either from the applicant's academic advisor or from the faculty member supervising the summer research. This faculty member must submit their signed letter of reference at the link below. 
  • The letter should assess the general quality of the applicant's graduate work along with the expected contribution of the research to understandings of migration and mobility. 

6. Supplemental materials -- optional

  •  Supplemental materials include academic cvs for collaborators on the proposed project, glossaries of technical terms, illustrations, or other documentation necessary for your proposal

7. Only for finalists from previous years:  

  • Please include a paragraph describing if and how the research/artistic production outlined in your current proposal will build on the research/artist production you undertook with support from the previous NYU Migration Network Graduate Student Award for Summer Research you received.

Additional information:

  • If you are submitting a proposal for a collaborative project, please select one person to submit the application and add the academic cv(s) of the collaborator or collaborators on the project in the supplemental materials section of the application.
  • For research collaborations, the faculty recommendation letter should assess the expected contribution of the research to understandings of migration and mobility. The letter may address the academic performance of one or both of the students on the project.
  • All work supported by this award must be complete by December 31, 2024.

2024 applications are now closed. 

If you have questions about the application process, please write to