Every year, the recipients of the Graduate Students Award for Summer Research on Migration collaborate with students in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute of Film and Television to produce compelling short films on new migration research and stories.


Fragile Ties
Localizing Policymaking Through Peacebuilding
Arab migration to the Caribbean during the Late 19th century and early 20th century


Every year, students from all over NYU create short podcasts about migration with the people and places that they care about.


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The Hope Trail
Reshad Sharif


By Reshad Sharif:

A podcast about the aftermath of 

Afghanistan's fall to the Taliban 

in 2021 and migration of Afghan 

students. Reshad Sharif also interviews 

a woman who had a similar path 

to him to get to the States.

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Ukraine War Perspective
Lina Rafailova


By Lina Rafailova:

A podcast about the Ukraine war 

from the standpoint of an Azerbaijani, 

Russian-speaking immigrant, with 

multiple family members in Ukraine,

Belarus and Russia. 

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NYC's Beloved Bodegas Podcast
 Haley Schusterman


By Haley Schusterman: 

A podcast about bodegas disappearing as 

delivery apps take over. All interviewees are 

first or second-generation immigrants and 

frame lots of the issues through the

lens of the classes being taught.