How To Apply


The application requirements for the NYU Migration Network Faculty Colloquium for Research Development Award are as follows:


1. Project Abstract 

  • 150 words or less

2. Project Description

  • 1000 words or less
  • The project description should identify the research question or set of research questions the applicant(s) seeks to refine. It should make explicit how the central direction connects to issues of migration and mobility, and should explain why it is significant and innovative.  
  • The proposal should describe the meeting structure that the applicant(s) will use to workshop the research question and the research design. 
  • Please highlight any interdisciplinary dimensions of your proposed project and linkages to NYU’s Global Network.
  • Important note: Applications must be written for a general, interdisciplinary audience; when field-specific technical terms or concepts are necessary, please take care to provide definitions or explanations.

3. Budget and Budget Narrative

  • Upload a budget spreadsheet
  • Budget narrative (250 words or less) describing the structure of the colloquium and how the funds will be used to fund that structure. In addition to supporting meetings, funds may also be used to support preliminary research.

4. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • A bio and academic CV for each applicant on the proposal should be submitted


All NYU faculty members and researchers who can serve as Principal Investigators under New York University policy are eligible to apply.  To learn more, please read NYU’s Policy on Principal Investigator/Project Director Status

Applications are due April 14, 2023.